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Any system that is used by multiple people and has multiple components runs the risk of breaking down eventually. The more complex the system the harder it is to troubleshoot and resolve.

Usually problems occur when curious or inexperienced people start to push buttons to see what they do and then do not change the setting back to the required defaults.

It tends to always happen just before that important meeting too.

Our designs try to eliminate the possibility of this occurring as much as possible. We try to hide adjustable components in the roof cavity or in a locked cabinet so that they will not get touched, but inevitably at some stage it does happen. It is human nature to be curious. This is something we will always face along with rat chewed cables, leaking roofs, power surges and other acts of God.

Quite often the system does not stop working, it is just not working at its optimum and so regular system maintenance is required to keep it running at its optimum level. There are some consumable parts required (i.e. projector lamps and filters), these are often forgotten until the lamp stops working, which then can cause some down time. Being prepared (having spare lamps in hand) and servicing your projector will extend its life span, minimise or eliminate down time and possible expensive damage once the lamp near the end of its life cycle.

Service and maintenance contracts can be tailored to suit the needs of your system and are an inexpensive way to keep your investment tool functioning at its peak performance.

Regular preventative maintenance and servicing should be scheduled at least every six months. Quarterly if your AV system is regularly used or located in a dusty environment. During these check-ups our technicians can take note of any improvements or changes you would like to make or any new requirements you have. This constant communication with our team will help make sure your system is always fulfilling your needs.

We often take on clients that have systems not designed or installed by our company. We will happily come out and do a "system health check" on your existing system. From this we can gauge its current status and what would need to be done to get it back to tip top condition, or update it to the current requirements. Quite often the age of the equipment is not directly relevant to its current useability. Some older amplifiers and speaker systems are very happy working with the latest equipment.  Digital and analogue can sometimes work hand in hand. Our aim is to offer you the best solution to your needs and this will include taking careful consideration of your budget.

We do not believe in reinventing the wheel or fixing things that are not broken. We want you to be 100% happy with the fact that you have received a good value solution. Often we mix the best of the old with the best of the new for extremely good value systems.


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