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We offer 24 hour support to all of our clients. We understand that world trade often requires after hours communications with other countries and that hospitality never sleeps, so we make sure we can be available whenever you need us.

Costs of services will vary according to requirements or can be predetermined within service and maintenance contracts for your peace of mind.

We have the ability to mobilise quickly in an emergency. 

Our team is highly capable to train you or your staff on how to use your new (or existing) equipment. Our team can simplify the procedures to use a complex system and explain in easy to understand language what to do and why. They can offer examples of when one may want to use certain features of the system.  Although no two systems are ever identical, the primary functions are often very similar and we have years of experience in presentation systems and presenting. It is likely that we can inform you of presentation methods and functions that you may have not considered before.

We can individually tailor your system to you during training.  We are happy to do one on one training or multiple staff at once. Whatever suits your needs?

We can provide simplified instruction sheets (digitally and printed and laminated) these can stay on hand in the room whilst your staff get used to using the system. Our contact number will always be easy to locate on the main equipment of the room and the sheets if you need to ask any questions or call in for a service.

When the system is new (or any time) and you have an important meeting or function, we can arrange for a technician to come and check the system in advance to make sure that everything is correctly functioning. We can also arrange for a technician to stay on hand on site during the function in case anything goes wrong or any user gets stuck etc.

Anything is possible. We just require the suitable time in advance to arrange.

Loan projectors are available to clients who take advantage of the service and maintenance contracts if there is ever any down time for servicing.


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