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Each of our client's Audio Visual systems is unique.

Even though the technical side of things may be similar or seem the same, it is the fine details that ensure the end result is as good as it possibly can be. The location of the wall plates, the route the cables take, the ease of access and the aesthetics all add up to a superior functioning room. The combination of a well-planned and then well installed AV system make all the difference.

We have multiple installers at hand. Obviously their experience levels and skill levels vary. Some are more technically minded, others more engineering focussed. We use a combination of these skills to ensure that your room is technically correct and engineered to the highest standard.

Our installation teams usually consist of two technicians, picked to complement each other for required skills for the bespoke job. They are all qualified, trained, insured and equipped with an extensive range of high quality tools, personal protective equipment (PPE), testing equipment and a vehicle that is packed with every conceivable AV consumable.

Dependant on the size or complexity of the installation, you will often see a supervisor managing the process on site. Behind the scenes the designer and sales person (sometimes one in the same) will be monitoring progress and constantly available via phone, email or video link (if they are not already on site).

Our installers are all respectful, friendly and knowledgeable guys whom are happy to talk to you directly. If you have questions or queries whilst they are on site please feel free to approach them. If they do not know the answer they will be able to get hold of someone who does very quickly.

Superior results are just the standard for WAAV. We take pride in everything we do. It is not uncommon at all to see the principal out on site in high-visibility work wear getting his hands dirty with the installation teams.



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